Suggestion for Improvement in Traffic Police

Commissioner of Police,


Sub: Suggestion for Improvement in Traffic Police.

Often we hear about different missions launched by Traffic Police (TP) sometimes it is against red light jumping, buses not keeping proper lane, parking in no parking zone etc. Recently there is s news that TP would be available on road till 0130 hours in morning. But in my view the only message these expeditions give to public is ‘obey rules if you see a policemen’. Though TP may say that they are increasing awareness among public to follow the rules, but the practical aspect is the message to follow the rules only in the presence of policemen is going deeper in the minds of large section of public.

It is impossible for TP to be present on all the crossing at all the time. And in this technologically advance era this is not required as well. Suppose if the all inclusive, monthly cost of any constable, including all direct & indirect expenses, is Rs. 50,000/-, and if you are posting 2 constable on any place means you are spending Rs.1,00,000/- per month. At many such places this job can be done by cameras at much cheaper price and with much more efficiency and without any corruption.

I give you 2 sample examples where there is absolutely no need of any policemen to be present.

(A) You post 2 men at the starting point of RTR flyover (NH-8) side, just to check that vehicles maintain the lane. Despite 2 policemen being present many vehicles break the lane.

(B) In front of Laxman Public school (IIT- Outer Ring Road) 2 policemen are deputed just to drive away the auto rickshaws standing on road. Despite that croed is always there.

Practically even after spending Rs.2 lakhs a month on these 2 points, there is no tangible benefit? If you fix cameras and start issuing challans to errant drivers the ‘cost’ would convert into ‘income’, and there would be completely no need for any policeman there.

People jumping red light during night, buses stoping in the mid of road, autos making group on crossing & T point, parking on road – in fact all these can efficiently be handled by electronic surveillance and bring much respite from traffic snarl. There are hundreds of such points in capital where day & night surveillance is required and which is only possible by cameras only.

Covering more & more locations with cameras would fetch following immediate benefits:
(i) Efficient round the clock surveillance,
(ii) Ease of issuing challans by back end office round the
clock (no bar of office hours – even outsourcing is also possible)
(iii) Save thousands of policemen from standing in scorching heat, pollution & rain,
(iv) Better compliance by people,
(v) No corruption,
(vi) Cost saving,
(vii) Improved earnings,
(viii) Saved man power can be deployed for other trouble shooting jobs related with traffic jams

I request that a committee be formed to quickly launch & implement this project across the capital to bring savings & efficiency in actions of traffic police.

Citizen’s Reporter
S K Goyal