Sri VIS Celebrated Works of Shakespeare – The Bard of Avon

Students of Class VII of Sri Venkateshwar International School on July 14, 2018 staged the Bard of Avon as a tribute to the noted playwright William Shakespeare. The performance was an amalgamation of the most celebrated plays of Shakespeare including ‘Julius Caesar’, ‘Macbeth’, ‘The Merchant of Venice’ and ‘The Tempest’.

The Guests of Honour Mr Arijit Ghosh and Ms Amita Sahaya were left spellbound by the meticulous execution and theatrics of our budding artists. The encouraging words of Principal, Ms Nita Arora, espoused the will in the students to follow their passion in order to have a more meaningful existence. In her address, she mentioned that students of Sri VIS are encouraged to accept challenges independently and that has led to their creative and collaborative growth.

The Guest of Honour, Ms Sahaya in her speech praised the students’ efforts for being able to execute some of the most difficult plays with such elań. She asked the children to aspire, chase their dreams and fulfill them by taking step after step for them. She also requested the parents to guide them. Ms Sahaya also highlighted the issue of gender equality and requested the parents to nurture love for finer aspects of life such as art and literature irrespective of gender bias.

Mr Arijit Ghosh, Vice President, EQFI and an eminent teacher trainer encouraged the students to think creatively and put across their ideas with honesty and confidence. He was so enthralled to see the performances of the students that he along with others gave them a standing ovation. The ceremony concluded with the national anthem.