Supreme Court issuing notice to BJP and Congress on formation of government in Delhi

Step in right perspective to check any future horse-trading

SUBHASH CHANDRA AGRAWAL(Guinness Record Holder & RTI Activist)

Supreme Court has rightly issued notices to BJP and Congress on formation of government in Delhi for deciding issue of keeping state-assembly in suspension-mode. Largest single party in normal course would in normal course have gone for ‘purchase’ of one-third MLAs of the other party for government-formation. But it was public anger and awareness that no party tried to adopt any such earlier practice quite common in highly polluted and corrupt political-system of India. Keeping Delhi assembly in suspension-mode would have unnecessarily burdened state-exchequer through pay and facilities for Delhi MLAs. If Supreme Court would not have intervened, then there was every likelyhood of horse-trading for formation of government in Delhi after Lok Sabha elections.

Supreme Court can float an altogether new concept of electing Chief Minister (alongwith Speaker and Deputy Speaker) by secret and compulsory vote of all MLAs on nominations signed by at least 34-percent MLAs. MLAs not participating in such democratic process of electing the leader may lose their voting rights in the assembly till any future need arises. Such an elected leader may be removed by a no-confidence motion by same process but with compulsion to name alternate leader in the same motion.