Astro Predictions for 2012

Moon signs Based Predictions for 2012
By Acharya V Shastri

Leo – Simha (23 July – 22 August)
(Jan-Mar) You are financially strong as you have Virgo as the sign of your house of wealth and money. This quarter for you will be favorable in terms of money and finances. Financial matters will be excellent for those who are commission agents or automobile dealers. Some unexpected deals are indicated. Some deals related to landed properties can be materialized. March will be a dull month for you as there will be hardly any earnings. (April-June) During the first half of the quarter the situation will continue to be dull. Placement of Mercury in the 8th house can lead to some surprise deals or unexpected deals. Control your expenses and avoid spending your accumulated wealth. The second half of the quarter will bring fortune in terms of wealth. You will have good inheritance. The earnings will be from different sources. (July-Sep) You will get good results of your hard work and labor during this period. Those who are in business or agriculture or engaged in philosophical lectures will be very fortunate financially. Those who are running a boarding house or hostel or hotels will make good money in the 2nd quarter. Overall, the period is fortunate in terms of money and finance. (Oct-Dec)The Sun which is your ruling planet has shifted to the house of wealth and finance. Hence, the fortune related to money and finance continues to be favorable. Just take care regarding taxation and penalties. Some chances of getting penalized or fined due to some delay in payments or illegal dealings need to be checked.

Remedies: Lord Ganesha rules your house of money and finances so remember lord Ganesha in all important dealings and also chanting “Om Gang Ganpataye Namah” 108 times everyday can save you from losses of wealth.

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