We have to make NextGen responsible human beings for a better world.


The most common question in the minds of all the parents is what our next generation doing today and how they will lead their life better for them and for society as ideal global citizens. On this burning issue, we must keep doing something or the other every day with constructive and positive thinking. Anyway, my tag line is that “Humanity is bigger than any religion or civilization” and if we all initiate working collectively by considering it seriously and then our society, country and the whole world will automatically become happy and prosperous.

Look, in the last year, Corona and now Omicron (Coronavirus) has shaken the entire human race. Due to these epidemics, the biggest loss is being caused to the education sector. Although the online education system has helped in sustaining the studies, there have been some shortcomings in the knowledge and energy which is transmitted through face to face interaction. And in this absence, we have to work very hard to spread and promote education and initiation at our own level among children and youth.

Undoubtedly, In technology, these kids really know much more than us, but in practical life, they seem like robots at heart. Since this generation will take over the reins of our society and country in future and if they remain physically, mentally weak, then you can understand how bleak the future can be.

Keeping all these points in mind, I have developed a new and very useful 12 points formula of fortnightly practical workshops to enhance overall personality for school-college students at the national and international levels. Under this, first of all, 1. how to get hold of Hindi and English language, 2. how to increase communication skills, 3. how to make your lifestyle independent, 4. how to create interest in indoor and outdoor sports activities, 5. How to indulge in creative activities, 6. How to develop caring animals, human welfare, moral-spiritual values, 7. Awareness about environment protection, 8. Helping hands for helpless and senior citizens, 9. Consciousness and reading habits of books-news-papers-magazines regularly, 10. listening to the radio, 11. Doing regular research work, 12. Listening to Music or Watching a Movie/Documentary film is an important part of life etc.

Let me tell you one important thing that it seems very easy to think of these things, but following them regularly in practical life and being disciplined, is a tough test. By the way, during my classes with my college students, seminars or webinars, I often discuss the above-cited important points to follow in life. Because, in modern times, our children are suffering from the ill effects of nucleus family and internet world. If we have to make our children better and responsible human beings, then the future generation has to be made all-rounder and this is the need of the hour. The above-said efforts can definitely bring a change in the awakening of our youth and create a love for the nation, society and humanity. Jai Hind-Jai Bharat.

(S.S. Dogra-Author of “Media Can do wonders in Students Life” Book, he is Asst.Prof. Dept. of Journalism & Mass Communication, FIMT College, GGSIP University, New Delhi-37 | www.ssdogra.com )