That’s not the Jhansi Ki Rani!

Prembabu Sharma
A quick glance at the picture by the side and you’d think it’s the Jhansi Ki Rani from Zee TV’s ongoing historical saga. But a closer look and you’ll know it’s someone else impersonating the Rani!So who is this new girl on the block who’s disguising herself as the legendary female freedom fighter? It’s newbie Ishita Vyaas whose uncanny resemblance to Kratika sengar has landed her the role of Jhalkari Bai. Well, the current track of the show reveals the entry of a mysterious character who everyone mistakes for the Rani herself!
Will she prove to be of any strategic help to the Rani in combating the British forces? Or is she a mere pawn in the hands of the British who they will manoeuver and manipulate as they plan a conspiracy against the Rani? Whether she’s a positive or negative character remains to be seen!
Speaking of the introduction of Jhalkari Bai, ‘Queen Bee’ Kratika said, “Ishita’s got strong, sharp features … and an oval face like mine! With the right kind of make-up, she can be made to look very similar to me. She’s passed the real test of resemblance recently, when some unit members actually mistook her for me!”