Sarika Pradhan of Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha felicitates Brave Soldiers

Nilofer Ansari

Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha in Dehradun of Sarika Pradhan has organised an 77th Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha. This is the oldest non political Gorkha Social Organization in Dehradun which was started on 17th April 1938.The Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha has over twenty five thousand members spread out in forty shakhas (branches). As part of the ‘decade of veterans’, a ‘super’ veteran felicitation function was organized at Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha. Sarika Pradhan gave away the Gorkha topis to all the member by felicitating prominent individuals of the city who have been contributing to the society by their respective industry. The members who were felicitated included Lt Gen Shakti Gurung, Lt Gen RS Pradhan, Seema Thapa, Mahant Swami Kailashanand Saraswati and many others.

Sarika Pradhan said, ” The event was unique of its kind to felicitate the ‘super’ veterans who dedicated the prime of their youth serving the Indian Army and also continue to lead a entire life with elan and pride in the society.”
The function was attended by people who won the medal along with their parents. Over hundreds soldiers of all ranks of the group attended the colourful Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha. ” The recipients of gallantry awards who exhibited bravery and valour of an exceptional order in serving their duties in various parts of the country for India”, Sarika added.