The Indian Heights School celebrated its 11th Founder’s Day

The Indian Heights School celebrated its 11thFounder’s Day on Monday December 23, 2019 with fervour, zest and enthusiasm in the school. It was a time to reflect on the School’s past and those that have helped to shape who we are and have influenced the character and values that embody the vibrant, engaging, and safe environment we see today. It was an opportunity to remember and to praise the memories of our journey through the years.

The function, which was held in the school auditorium, saw a large gathering of parents, invitees and dignitaries. In her welcome address, the Principal, Ms. Archana Narain reiterated, that though the journey was tough, it was memorable and fruitful. She thanked the parents. Who had stood by her and the school through all its glorious moments, hardships and fun time. She promised that the journey would continue and that they would strive to reach greater heights and make a mark for themselves in the field of education. Ms. Manu Goel Kharb, Ld. Secretary SW-DLSA   was the Chief Guest of the day. Ms. Madhu Gupta, Chairperson and Mr. Puneet Gupta, Manager were also present on the occasion.

In her address Ms. Manu Goel Kharb, praised the contributions of the school in producing children, who would be the global citizens of tomorrow. She lauded the efforts of the school in shaping them up to be holistic human beings with character. The students presented a gala program highlighting the milestones covered by the school through the last eleven years. Through this program the students expressed their gratitude to the school, parents and staff. The parents and other visiting dignitaries applauded the performances and expressed their solidarity with the school.