The Spinning of the Cosmic Heart


The Cosmic Heart is a symbol of divine and unconditional love. Sacred Heart metaphorically focuses on the emotional and moral life and love for humanity.

Cosmic sacred heart energy is an evolved form of divine cosmic energy, which extends to all humanity as a bridge that reconnects us directly to our innate God-essence.

Divine-spirituals energies have no boundary and division. This divine energy of the cosmic heart reconnects our lower self to our High Self and brings us back into full alignment with almighty God.
The Spinning of the Cosmic Heart 
This ascension tool deals specifically with prosperity and the laws of manifestation. Imagining a cosmic heart in front of you which can be any size you want to be.

Place inside this heart your prayers for the material manifestations you are helping to create.
Now without hesitation see within this circle of light that you seek as being already accomplished. Believe that it is already yours.
Now feel totally and completely that your goal is already accomplished. Believe that it is already on its way to you.

Then ask that the cosmic heart begins spinning in the clockwise direction . Place it on top of your home and enlarge it. The spinning of the heart will increase its vibration just as the spinning of your own personal Merkabah(divine light vehicle ) increases your vibration.

Trust in your cosmic heart completely. Your cosmic heart will never let you down. It will definitely answer your dream if it is in yours best interest.