Water problem in Dwarka

Dear Presidents/Secretaries of the Group Housing and the RWAs,

I do not know how serious is the water problem in your Societies but in my Society, it is a crisis situation. We are getting one water tanker from DDA and two water tankers from the Private Water Tanker Operator daily. Each tanker’s capacity is 10000 ltrs meaning thereby we are buying 30000 ltrs daily barring a few days when DDA is kind enough to send us some water through it’s established water pipe line which is very less and perforce we have to again request DDA for a water Tanker. We are spending almost Rs. 2000 daily and Rs. 30,000- 40,000 monthly. This may vary depending on the kind of supply from DDA. This situation is continuing from May onwards.

I have been speaking to Chief Engineer, Mr Solanki and other DDA Engineers but they only promise and do nothing resulting in miseries of the residents. Water is essential for existence and very survival of living beings. I am told that each Group Housing Society is authorized a BORE WELL but our Society has none. Digging of BORE WELL is illegal and not permitted.

I am writing to all you ladies and gentlemen that I am sure many of you must be facing the similar crisis though gravity may differ and therefore we all should meet some time and do something about it. I was happy to note that some office bearers of the “Forum” had met the Chief Minister regarding the water problem. But she has rather then solving the problem has complicated it by taking shelter of Munak Canal. That does not solve our problem. We go to our representatives for relief and not for this kind of excuse. Thus we are back to square one.

What is surprising is how come there are number of water tankers floating around in Dwarka during day and night? Where are they getting so much water from? When asked, they reply we get water from Haryana Border or they have their own tube wells? It is mind boggling. Statistics are for you and me. Interesting!

It is food for thought. Let us do some thing. I request the Form to take an initiative in this regard.

With best wishes and regards.

Col (Retd) Bharat Panwar
Nehru Coop Gp Hsg Society Ltd
(Arunachal Apts) Plot 16, Sect 7, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075