Meeting with MCD officials

Meeting with MCD officials Mr. R.S. Gupta – EE and Mr. Saab Singh – Inspector and Councellor Mr. Rajesh Ghelot with officials from Horticulture department. This is open if anyone else wants to volunteer anything.

Day: Saturday, 12th Dec
Time: 3 PM
Location: Outside Shivalik Apartment, Sector 6 Dwarka.
Agenda: To see around problems in various sectors and improve current situation.
– Identify issues/areas like Garbage bins, temporary garbage dumps etc.
. Cleanliness in lanes or roads

Sector 4: Mr. Rohit
Sector 6: Mrs. Sudha, Mr. Sunil & Mr. Sidharth
Sector 8 & 9: Anoop Rohera
Sector 10: Mr. M.K. Gupta
Sector 19: Mr. Ashoke Gole & Mr. Sunil Sareen
Sector 22: Mr. Rejimon

All are requested to join and discuss about the cleanliness in their sector.

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