Where is God?

Where is God? Where can one find Him? What are the qualities or characteristics which point out to Him or define Him by which we can recognize His Presence? How can we recognize a divine manifestation?

The answer is very simple: God is found everywhere and in all things. There are no limits to His manifestations. He is the cause of all causes. In Bhagwad Gita, Sri Krishna lists out to Arjuna His special manifestations and opulence. The Infinite Glories of the Ultimate Truth of God are given in the chapter of Vibhuti Yoga In Bhagwad Gita. Sri Krishna says:

I abide in all beings. I am the beginning, middle and end of all creation. I am Vishnu among the Adityas. Among the bright objects I am Ravi the Sun God. I am the moon among the stars.

Among the Vedas I am Saama Veda. Among the Devas I am Indra. I am the mind among the senses, and consciousness of the created beings. I am Shankara among the Rudras, Kubera of the Rakshasas, and Meru among the mountains.

I am Brihaspati among the priests, Skanda among the generals and the ocean among water bodies.
Among the rishis I am Brgu. In forms of meditation I am Japa. Among the mountains I am the

I am Ashwatta (peepul) among the trees; Narada among the devarishis; Chitraratha among the Gandharvas; and the Muni Kapila among the siddhas. I am Ucchaishravas among the horses; know me to be born of the eternity; I am Airavata among the elephants; among men I am the king.

In the weapons class I am Vajra; among the cows I am Kamadhenu; I am Manmata among the progenitors; Vasuki among the poisonous snakes. Among the nonpoisonous snakes I am Ananta (who bears Vishnu in his coils in the Padmanabha icon). Varuna among the Yadasas; I am Aryama among the forefathers; and Yama among the controllers.

I am Prahlada among the Daityas; among the animals I am the lion; and Garuda among the birds. I am the Wind God among the purifiers; Rama among the soldiers ; Among the fishes I am the shark; among the rivers I am the Ganga.

Among the Vrishnis I am Vaasudeva and among the Pandavas I am Arjuna; Among the Munis I am Vyaasa; among the poets Usana.

Finally Sri Krishna sums up the divine manifestations : Wherever one finds brilliance, prosperity and durability recognize the same as a divine manifestation. I pervade the whole Universe and sustain it as my singular manifestation.

We may not know or recognize many of the names given by the Lord in His list of manifestation. But we can surely understand that anything, any form, any quality which is supreme, strong, beautiful, powerful, awesome, has grace, glory and energy are all manifestation of God. We are surrounded by God in His various forms everywhere. When we live in awareness, we can feel and see endless signs and forms of His Glory around us. With constant remembrance of God, we live in eternal smaran and we absorb His Divine Qualities and Glories within us. Our being bows down to His unrivalled sovereignty, indomitable will and unparalleled power. Our mind becomes clear and pure and we are aligned with Divinity. Bhakti grows and reaches unique heights. Bhakti at such levels transcends human existence and merges with Divinity and the bhakta becomes One with his Beloved. The highest goal of human existence is achieved.

We need not search for God in temples or places of worship. He is found in every atom of creation and all things big and small and all that is around is only Him and His. Let us train ourselves to see and live in the awareness and presence of God everywhere and within us and live in the reverence and bhakti of His Universal Presence. The practices of SitaRam mantra, meditation and following the teachings of the Guru are very helpful.

( As told by Omdasji Maharaj to his disciples)