Workshop on Meditation & Stress Management

A rejuvenating workshop on Meditation & Stress Management was conducted by BramhaKumaris at The Indian Heights School, Sector-23, Dwarka, on June 25, 2014.For over thirty years, the Brahma Kumaris have been helping to bring people of different faiths and cultures together, believing that a deeper understanding between faiths, based on acceptance and respect, will contribute to a culture of peace and non-violence in our world community. Theypractice and teach a form of meditation that relaxes the mind and nurtures a healthy balance between our inner and outer worlds.

This workshop was an eye opener as it revealed the causes of stress and how stress can lead to unhealthy state of mind and body. Stress Management is basically managing our own minds. Some of the highlights of the workshop were to follow a healthy life style, the essential self is silence and Self-knowledge and Self introspection is the need of the hour. Overall, the teachers enjoyed and learnt a lot on being positive.