Community Responsibility shown by residents of Sector-23 Dwarka

Citizen’s Reporter

Sector 23 residents under the stewardship of  ASSOCIATION OF NEIGHBOURHOOD LADIES GET-TOGETHER (ANHLGT ) have shown an example of social responsibility .The road work for relaying the road around park No 4 behind Green Towers has started recently, the work has been started by ward No 13 of DDA civil department under  the stewardship of EE Mr Jain, AE .Mr Arjun Das , JE . Mr Garg and JE Mr Ghai,  they have been not only instrumental in getting this work started but also in removing debris (malwa), pavement repair from various parts of sector 23 and cleaning of the area around park No 4&5.
As and when they implement these projects they have informed ANHLGT members and updated them on the status. ANHLGT volunteers which include men and senior citizen along with ladies have been mobilised to supervise and inspect this work from time to time and lend a helping hand to DDA.
Mr.Halder from Phillips Apartment, Mr Bopatra from Airlines Apartment Mr.Vinod Sharma from Prabha Apartment, Mr Prince from Shaman Apartment have volunteered turn by turn to supervise this work.
Most of the residents of this area have shown there community responsibility and social solidarity toward other work. As there is no mali in the park Mr.S.Langar and Mr. Halder water the plants daily, once the bore well was not working they brought two tankers of water and watered. Most of the morning walkers look after the park as their own park. The  residents see to it whether the MCD workers are sweeping the area and garbage is removed regularly. In many fields the residents are sharing interest to keep the area green clean and beautiful. ANHLGT ‘s mission is penetrating among the residents “Green Clean Beautiful Healthy and Safe Dwarka and its motto is Community Responsibility and Social Solidarity.   

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