48 hours to keep the Jan Lokpal promise

MPs charged with drawing up the Lokpal bill are divided on whether to draft a strong law and will meet tomorrow to finalise the details. Our action now now can hold MPs to the promises they made to Anna Hazare and save our anti-corruption bill from being watered down.

A Parliamentary committee is drafting a Lokpal that excludes 5.7 million junior officials as well as the Prime Minister and the Central Bureau of Investigations — serving their own self interest over the people’s demand to stop corruption for good. But public pressure is causing disagreement and committee members are turning on each other in an effort to save face. The pressure is working. Now we can tip the balance.

We have no time to lose — the final Lokpal bill is being drafted tomorrow. Click below to send a message directly to the MPs on the committee, calling on them to keep their hands off the comprehensive anti-corruption law that they promised, and India deserves: 

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We’re entering the final mile in our long battle for a powerful anti-corruption bill. We knew the politicians would try and block it every step of the way, but if we win this time, then there is just one last hurdle – the vote in Parliament. We’ve succeeded so far in driving through a strong bill. But as a last ditch effort MPs are trying to exclude as many officials as they can get away with. Their proposed changes would also make whistleblowers afraid to report abuse as they are offered no additional protection.

Some 30,000 Crores of food are siphoned off by civil servants each year before they reach poorer people. Getting a passport or a permit is a nightmare. Only a comprehensive Lokpal can stop us continuing to suffer from continued hassle and abuse at the hands of officials and politicians.

Let’s ensure the politicians know how vital strong anti-corruption legislation is to all of us. They’re trying to sneak these changes in under the radar but we can blow the whistle and promise them massive opposition unless they stop their tricks and submit the strong Jan Lokpal bill that Indians want:

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In India and across the world, we have shown how determined people power can face down even the toughest vested interests, toppling dictators and rocking big finance. India is the world’s largest democracy — it is, at long last, time to ensure the law-making process works for us all, and builds a just and prosperous future for our children and grandchildren.

With hope and determination,

Ricken, Alex, Shibayan, Shivendra, Giulia, Pascal and all of us at Avaaz