Replace culture of `short cut` slap politics.

Rakesh Manchanda

A recent slap on the cheek of a traffic policeman in Kolkata by the nephew of West Bengal CM speaks volumes. “Make quick way for me and forget traffic laws”- was the `short cut` message. Why should some Politicians and their cronies demand two traffic rules? Two traffic lanes during last Common Wealth Games were planned and allowed in Delhi only during games. A heavy penalty for law violators of Rs.5000/- was there. Today, Governance is forced to increase the penalty on the traffic rules almost ten times. The idea is to use more fear and punishment for violators and to ensure safe life on roads. Pressure of alert people on road and media intervention helped the weak demoralised Kolkata police to act and arrest three abusing bullies including Akash Banerjee who were given bail and released at Rs.1000/- each in spite of serious charges. In Delhi same evening a police constable pushes a 66 years old man asking water to drink and he dies. Slap unending cycle at times throws open several hidden disconnect in Governance with punishment now only to common man violating traffic rules as ten times higher penalty.

Slap-Happiness is a spontaneous `short cut` without a choice which indicates loss of tolerance level. Short cut solution behind slap politics is a quick fix power game. Politicians are more free to apply VVIP culture,misuse their office and demand short cuts. Mamta Didi the powerful poster girl of `Short cut` power appears to have excelled in this direction. When she was an absent Railway minister she misused the power to become CM.Now when she is CM she wants to become PM in a hurry without bothering to pay back good governance to Public. With no evidences she had been misusing her right to push all her state problem of infant deaths, rapes, strike of people as a conspiracy of her rivals. During the recent Trade Union strike the Trinamol Congress leaders were caught on camera – beating a media channel reporter. NGOs fighting against GM Food and unsafe Nuclear Projects see the sudden PM intervention as a “silent slap” without clear evidences.

One slap in the recent past on the cheek of the honourable agricultural minister was captured by media and flashed again and again. Old-fashioned experts of the education system used this tool. They argue that the nervous system starts delivering more blood and oxygen to the brain. A slap-happy culture should now serve the Government`s hidden agenda of diverting attention from vital national issues. It forces people on the road to adopt slap politics as a ventilator to “fire fight” their own anger. Where should the Aam admi go ? To the CBI? Police perhaps? Getting killed in the process of fighting for justice is just one of the many heinous things happening to Whistle blowers today. If workers go on strike the powerful politicians paint it as illegal. Slap politics as a solution is forced on the Common man with no choice. Even if a man on the street wants to apply Mahatma Gandhi`s non- violence rule of offering the other cheek for a slap-it does not work for long.What is the harm if Anna Haazare enjoyed a premier of the Bollywood Movey – “Gali Gali Mein Chor Hai” ? Anna reserved his right to support the style of the hero wherein the protagonist in the film slaps the corrupt crook-police-nexus.

When a politician is slapped, there is an immediate debate in the Parliament and the Aam Admi is sent to jail. A village Sarpanch and leader of Punjab’s ruling Shiromani Akali Dal repeatedly slapped a lady teacher as on television for demanding a permanent contract and a dignified job, at a function in Muktsar district in Punjab. As usual, police present at the spot refused to act. Parliament also closed its eyes and ears on this issue.

Unequal social and economical justice is another reason for people getting angry and losing their dignity by showing low tolerance levels. We need to understand as to why there there is no limit for rich and powerful. Unlike BPL, a line which helps gauge poor and levels of poverty. There is no line to limit or measure to count the wealth of filthy rich and powerful. Interestingly, powerful leaders continue to vent anger to create fear as this helps them in preserving their power without building a team to deliver results.

Strong effective Laws if are delivered in time can help. But potential Laws get stuck like Lokpal Bill for 44 years. People`s backing of laws and monitoring in the need-supply equation is must. If laws are applied correctly fast justice supported by distribution of wealth generated can encourage more & more alert people to work as a team. This will ensure less conflicts.Better governance with no `slap politics` and no protests is possible. Politicians at large must stop nursing the governance of 1% people and should fulfill their promises made to people, on time. For more details read via google my article published by `Governance Now` title : MPs must deliver better citizens laws in time.

Only constructive participation of people, more decent jobs, safe roads and effective laws with speed justice can stop slap politics. With `short cut` politics it appears that soon public meetings shall get converted into open jails with hand cuffs to be put in common man wrists. This may also prevent people from taking off their shoes and throwing to the politicians. Can this prevent the slap and its unending repercussions? What about MPs and MLAs behaviour in Parliament ? Noise and anarchy in full public gaze continues. Chairs, mike, paper weight, money bundles & shoe throwing with abuses in Parliament and Vidhan Sabha is often seen . Can we tie the hands ? Can we close the eyes misusing public money and time watching blue films on mobiles ? Logically discipline must start at the bottom and maintained at the top. Slap and pain are inseparable. After all, before birth labour pain and bleeding is absolutely normal. Only active participation of people can help bring a change. Till then with the acceptance of the popular song Kolaveri Di, the slap market shall remain upbeat and leaders shall continue to promise voters to convert cities into London and Hong Kong.