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GYAN SHAKTI SOCIETY IN SECTOR 6 is one of the oldest society in dwarka and it shows ! How?
Take alook at the buildings where tiles on the exterior walls are falling off. What about the staircase collapse in July when three labourers were severely injured and hospitalised when they fell from the second floor stair landing. the staircase below them also collapsed. This happened in not one but two buildings ( No.s 1&4).  What is the society management doing, nothing! The residents of this society are fed up with the management who can’t even manage a generator. Each society member pays Rs. 1400/= every month for the water mismanagement of the secretary and staff. Security is hollow and anyone can just walk in saying “I’m delivering so and so to ../..”. Despite the intercom, it is not used. Does the registrar of societies have any role in ensuring some accountability?

Meanwhile, the residents suffer in silence and their anguish is suppressed. what more will happen to awaken the riotious nature of it’s residents against the society? This photo tells the gory story.


Our is the newly allotted Society,named Jhelum Arorvansh C.G.H.S. Ltd.,plot-8,sector-5,Dwarka.We are looking for garbagge Bins & to be placed outside our Society. Please provide me the MCD concerned department/person in Dwarka who can provide us the facility. – PRAVEEN KUMAR MITTAL

There is a road in front of Welcome group Apartments,/Kairali Apartments, which has been dug up by Delhi Jal Board, it has been over 8 months and there is no action from the local authorities to put the road back into place. The residents have repeatedly approached the authorities however no action has yet been taken. Request Dwarka Parichay  to help us. Regards, Raju


Despite the claims of traffic police , even after three months of starting the work, traffic lights have not been installed at the killer junction (kaveri Aptts Sec 5 & 6 ) and schools are starting in a few days. Shows the apathetic attitude of the traffic deptt. The issue was covered in your weekly a month back and police had promised completion in June beginning. but there is no sign of it’s completion. – Roshan


The roads in front of CGHS Plot No 9,10,11,of sect 11 & along the side of sect 11 park adjacent to Metro station are never cleaned at all even once in a year. Some days back whole stretch of the road was dug up for tree plantation .On the process lot of loose soil & boulders were piled up along the whole length of the road .Large boulders are left on the road inviting fatal accidents to the commuters.Even the footpaths are not spared leaving 2-3 ft deep open pits which may cause accidents.No body bothers to sweep the roads even once in a year leaving the dry leaves, polythene &other garbage to pile up for months together.There is no supervision at all while the drilling operation was carried out .The mouths of the drain along the whole length of the road are completely blocked with leaves & polythene causing rain water to stagnate.Politicians come to the area only at the time of election only & forget for good to appear again at the time of next election.M C D official never pay any purposeful visit to these places. We r paying taxes to the authorities but r deprived of the facilities supposed to be provided for healthy leaving in the sub city.

Req to voice concern to the appropriate authority for a cleaner environment & accident free locality.
Thanks, – Dr S.B.Das

Sir, I being a President of the Jai Mata Kalyani Cooperative Group Housing Society Limited, Plot no. 31, Sector 4, New Delhi – 110 078 (North – West zone) would like to inform you as under that our Audited Financial Statement of Account for the year 2007-08 submitted to the office of Registrar of Cooperative Group Housing Societies Ltd long back is still pending with them in spite of our repeated personal visits and written reminders. that in addition, our application for approval of appointment of Auditor for the year 2008-09 is also pending with them since long time without any confirmation to us. that we are unable to get our other Statement of accounts ready & filed for the year 2008-09 & 2009-20 for want of a copy of the audited and approved statement of accounts for the financial year 2007-08 from the office of the Registrar of Societies New Delhi. In view of the above, we would appreciate if you kindly take up this matter with them under intimation to us. We shall be thankful to you for this gesture of goodwill. Thanking you and with regards, for JAI MATA KALYANI CGHS LTD K S THAKUR,  PRESIDENT

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