A New Inspiring Story – Debut of Saurabh Leekha

Saurabh Leekha with a rich and diversified experience in different walks of life, be it writing, planning & execution, technology & telecom space, channel and direct sales etc., has come up with his introductory book “It’s Destiny, My Love”. A gripping & inspiring story of; love and break up, deceit and success, against all odds. The story of a subdued child named, Aditya Pathak set up in the early 2000’s.

Aditya has a humble upbringing in an ordinary house and his life revolves around his father Tiger (nicknamed by him and his mom) and his mother Royal Bengal Tigress (needs no introduction). His father, a small-time officer, wants Aditya to follow his footsteps and isn’t too keen on his only son nursing larger-than-life ambitions. All he wants is his son to lead a content, happy life at home and at work, just as he himself did.

But Aditya’s dreams are different; he is made of different metal, wants to live life on his own terms. Aditya gives life, his best shot, but it still takes him through a roller coaster ride. It seems nothing is working for him. Yet, his relentless ambition to lead the high-flying life and aeroplanes keep nudging him in a direction completely different from what his father had pursued.

At the same time, destiny forces him to respond to continuous challenges and circumstances life throws at him. Two women, Vandana who loves him and Rashmi whom he loves, add to the complications and solutions. He must sail through family disappointments, a broken love affair and workplace challenges. Will he now rise to the occasion and deliver his best? Beat the same people who think he is a toddler, at their own game. Will he realize his dream of acquiring a personal jetliner, a metaphor, a benchmark for pursuit of success?

On the launch of his maiden book, Saurabh Leekha says, “ Success is all about making choices, it becomes all the more important when life throws challenges to you. The only rule which applies is : “May Destiny be in your favour.”

The book will appeal to the young and adults as the underlying factor is “Entertainment”. I hope the readers enjoy this gripping & inspiring story of; love and break up, deceit and success, against all odds.

About Author:

Saurabh is an upcoming author, expert in enterprise sales consulting, who has eighteen years of diverse experience in both channel and direct sales. By contributing to the field of technology and telecom space, he has majorly excelled and precipitated success in the areas of sales strategy consulting, business planning, coaching and mentoring.

Saurabh’s tryst with his career so far is not only note-worthy, but also exemplary. With a placid personality, he has been consistently good despite the undulating demands of his profession. His journey as a writer did not come as a surprise to many who knew him from his initial years. His passion for writing has resulted in his first ever fiction – It’s Destiny, My Love. The simple tone of the book makes the enterprising protagonist, a hero, with whom the young generation can connect with; thereby, having a far-reaching effect on the psyche of the common man.

Saurabh currently advises enterprises on sales strategy development and implementation. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He lives in Delhi with his wife and sons.