A workshop on “Student Teacher Rapport” organized by Mrs Sunita Malkhani

Coming back after a long summer break was refreshing and commencing our schedules with a positive thinking workshop was more than a treat. Such workshops, wherein everyone gets to probe within themselves and explore their mental and emotional make up are rare in today’s times. In order to ensure this, a workshop on “Student Teacher Rapport” was organized by Mrs Sunita Malkhani on 27th June. This workshop explained the purpose of effective communication and inter-personal skills within the working of an institution. The session was initiated by the guest lecturer through an open house activity wherein all the teachers were requested to be at ease with them. She further elaborated on skills which help us to- attend to relationships, balance priorities versus demands, ‘wants’ and ‘needs’, with respect to child psychology and overall build a sense of mastery and self-respect. Understanding our minds better, managing our thoughts, relationship between the educator and the pupil were few areas which were explored and engrained in this session. The workshop was successful in motivating each teacher to understand, empathize with and treat each student as a distinct personality with specific personality traits. The teachers felt refreshed and had a keen sense of pride in their role in society.

Citizen’s reporter: Ms Kanika