Aagaaz.. It’s my turn !!

Dear Friends,

I’m a common man!! going through a tough phase .. I see a revolution happening.. I see thousands of people, a new courage, a lot of hope, a spirit to do something!! We have been dying to see this for years !!

Either I am glued to the TV or I want to remain at Ramlila maidan. Not just to be a part of it, but I really want to hold this energy.. I want to convey something.. ask something!!

I want to make sure that this sea of people, remain a part of this change.. so that we understand that there’s a lot to do..Anna has started.. it has to go on..not only at Ramlila maidan but at every level, at different places !!
I’m in the middle of an individual struggle.. I am questioning as to why we only talk about the taker of the bribe? The act of bribe starts by giving, then why do we leave out ourselves, the giver of bribe !! Why do we make an excuse, that we are forced to give !!  Can we really achieve something if we don’t clean this at the source!!

Fact is, the taker just gets a small part of the benefit compared to what the giver derives!! For a Challan of 500/- when we pay 100/- as bribe, the taker gets 100/- while the giver saves 400/-.

At GOONJ we have taken a small step!!  150 of us and our families are taking a pledge that come what may, never in our life will we give or take bribe!! It was an emotional moment to see how people decided not to pay Rs. 200/- for getting a pan card and instead decided to go through the long but right path. It’s not about numbers but can we expect even a lakh people to start with and then let the community grow..

Aagaaz.. is a new beginning that’s being made!! (www.aagaaz.org). Not much to read but a simple form to take a pledge. Do write back if there is any technical issue. It’s a beginning…with just the money we all have individually collected amongst ourselves!!

Do forward it to people.. your friends, relatives, networks… People are taking a printed copy to their offices, societies, schools.. There is no compulsion. if you feel strongly.. Let the resolve strengthen and spread !!
Collective power can do anything.. we are witnessing that…

We want volunteers to take it up, we want you to write to us and ask for copies, go to Ramlila ground and ask people to pledge!! Let this one act become a commitment..

I often wonder how a hungry person can solve the problem of hunger of someone else!! Similarly if I’m corrupt, I need to do more than light a candle against corruption!!Can the aagaaz happen from me !!

Anshu Gupta (Ashoka Fellow)
Founder Director