Actress Aackruti Nagpal Scribes for Women Empowerment in Reel and Real Life

Nilofer Ansari

Women Empowerment in India is a Burning Issue. A woman in most parts of India is looked upon more as an object of glamour or a mere SEX TOY rather than somebody who can share and shoulder equally and sometimes dominant responsibilities of decision making in the home and at work place. Although things are changing Bollywood movies here are always been inspiring for our country and the youth. We all know that this is a man made world and women are not given all the due respect and are ill treated. Many Bollywood movies on women empowerment like Mother India, Mirch Masala, Damini, Bandit Queen, Lajja and Kahani not only gives confidence to the women but also shows the world that women are no less than man. Now Actress AACKRUTI NAGPAL who has made her come back in Akshay kumar’s block buster movie “Holiday’ has made a short film “DAILY RAPE” with her partner DHRUV KARAN MEHTA on sex without women’s concern which is RAPE in itself. Daily rape is about a woman whose marriage is nothing but episodes of horror created by her husband; we have picked up one small incident to showcase her pain, her agony, her fight and her decision to rise above herself. Women are SHAKTI and sooner they realize better our “SAMAJ” will be. Its first step taken for women empowerment, hoping the people who see and hear about spread the word to demolish such devil’s in these kind of suffering households.

Actress, writer, social activist and working with N.G.O “India for women “, she is black belt in karate (shotokant style), self sufficient with heart which bleeds on injustice AACKRUTI NAGPAL. She says “It’s a high time with a number of increasing rape cases in Delhi, Mumbai and other places in India. We women should act and raise our voices .we must do something for the society to get our safety alarm heard by all. Blame game will only lead to more crime. Accepting injustice is being part of doing injustice. If we women want security we have to empower ourselves.” She strictly supports SELF defense in each and every schools in INDIA.

Gujrati Girl Aackruti Nagpal is a Grand Daughter of FREEDOM fighter VITTHALDAS PANCHOTIA who was also a Veteran silent film maker. She says, “I am PROUD to be Indian I would love to work for our Indian women empowerment. IT RUNS IN my blood TO fight FOR MY RIGHTS. I have always been a true believer in the power of every individual, especially every girl.” FIGHT FOR YOUR OWN RIGHTS. It’s her agenda and working for such pained women is her PURPOSE OF LIFE. She is planning to make more such films for YouTube and big cinema. We wish her luck and support.