The mess- how to clear it?

Dear Friends,

Since last four months,civil society in various avatars [Anna Group,Swami Ramdev Group -to name two] have been very active in various ways to engage with the Govt, for arresting corruption-which is now like the HIV/AIDS of our society/ system.

But ,despite the right cause & vigorous efforts,there has not been any tangible change on the ground?! There has only been dissipation of energy,efforts & resources of various kinds-money, time, stress etc etc. Some may say-it has created awareness etc. But, aware we were earlier too.

This is an indication that there is an urgent need to revisit the strategy to bring positive change in a non-abrasive manner.

How to do it? Some may ask.

Well, therein lies the challenge esp for we the educated.

Why not do things which bring attitudinal change in the policy makers [elected reps/ implementers & the corporate group?

To give one example-

Let us take the case of our cities.
Delhi to start with & then the other metros etc.

What do we see?

Chaos everywhere?

On the roads, in the parking lots, in the colonies,in the markets, in the industrial complexes- in fact everywhere.

Slums,unauthorised colonies with very deficient infrastructure,lack of basic services,poor & inhumane quality of life.

Unauthorised constructions,poor quality of construction, unsound designs etc resulting in disaster every other day, causing injuries & deaths.

Huge traffic jams on one side & fast corridors with no thought for pedestrians to cross etc etc.

Ill maintained roads, infrastructure is the order of the day.

Not that is is not visible to the concerned officials of the urban local bodies, development authorities etc etc responsible for the governance & management of the city.

But, to my mind, it is sheer apathy, lack of knowledge, right attitude towards public service besides now corruption as most of the persons, in the govt are not afraid, to indulge in that!!


Now, if you start criticising the Govt for all these situations, which are visible to everyone, no one in the local govt will accept that!! In fact, the concerned persons responsible for this ever growing mess will start defending by calling Delhi-The World Class City, because the CM & others in the Govt, have been saying that for months since CWG!? They instead of improving things will only turn against you & start plotting to pull you down in many ways, as is happening in Anna & Ramdev episodes.

So what do we do?

Having been in the local governance all my life, I personally feel it is possible to make a difference in the given scenario?!

You may ask-how?

Well, if you really feel,- it interests you then,

Your commitment, interest, participation is very imperative.

Instead of criticising, let us engage with the policy makers/implementers to join you in bringing positive change.

Confrontation will not bring results which we need.

How to go about it?

We can discuss, if it interests?

With best wishes

Vijay K. Saluja