Rejecting bad politicians

One-third of the parliamentarians now taking office following state elections face criminal charges, but we can change the game — with a new proposal that would allow citizens to bar corrupt politicians from taking office.

If political parties continue to put forward bad candidates, we would have the right to reject all of them by selecting a “None of the Above” option when we vote. Most politicians are fighting this tooth and nail — but the proposal is gaining momentum and the Election Commission said it is willing to support it. Now a surge of public pressure from all across India can push the Commission to move from rhetoric to action.

Let’s seize this opportunity to weed out corrupt and criminal politicians from our democracy. Click below to sign the petition calling on the Election Commission to submit the “Right to Reject” proposal for debate in the current session of parliament. Then tell everyone so we strengthen our call before delivering our message.
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With the arrival of electronic voting machines, we’ve lost the ability not to vote for any of the candidates on a given list. And one third of the representatives elected just now in the state elections have been charged for criminal offences. Voters in Uttar Pradesh have already demanded their “right to reject” during these elections, and the Election Commission has said that “this is an idea whose time has come”.

But the tide is turning. The movement for electoral reform is gaining momentum and a growing chorus of voices are calling for the introduction of a “none of the above” option on the voting machines. The proposal would eliminate all candidates if the “none of the above option” got the most votes, forcing parties to propose better candidates for election.

Together let’s unleash India’s people power, push back the political parties and persuade the Election Commission to submit the proposal to our Parliament to enhance our democracy. Sign now and forward this email to everyone:
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Corrupt and criminal politicians have no place running our country. We know that when we stick together anything is possible and together have helped build an unstoppable anti-corruption movement. Let’s seize this new opportunity to clean up our political system.

With hope and determination,

Luis, Shibayan, Emma, Ricken, Mia, Alex, Shivendra and all of us at Avaaz