Father’s Day quotes by SAB TV Artists

Prembabu Sharma

Sumeet Raghavan who plays the role of Vasant Ghotala in SAB TV’s Badi Door Se Aaye Hain – “My father means the world to me. There are numerous incidents which have been instrumental in changing me as a person be it my outlook or my approach towards the society. He is a saint. I have never seen him lose his cool or get frustrated till date. The one thing I have learnt from the many things from him is “worries are for you to handle and happiness is to be shared with all”.

Kavita Kaushik who plays the role of Dr. Bhanumati Bhinn in SAB TV’s Dr. Bhanumati on Duty –“My father has been a greatest support to me always. Whenever, I used to face any challenges in my life, my father used to advise me to be even stronger and confident and used to say, this situation is going to make me stronger and just face it! This Father’s day I plan to celebrate it by spending as much time as I can with him and I want to prepare his favorite delicacy as well.”

 Gurucharan Singh who plays the role of Roshan Singh Sodi in SAB TV’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah –

“My father always asked me to pray and specifically the MOOL MANTRA and he told me to always have faith in GURU GOD. And because of that upbringing I was inspired to come to Mumbai to join the glamorous world, which has always been my dream, and without cutting my hair I came to Mumbai and was blessed to become a household name without any struggle because of my faith in Guru GOD and that was all because of my Dad.”

Trishika Tripathi who plays the role of Chuhiya in SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar – “My father is my inspiration, and he has taught me the values of life, he always supports me in everything that I want and need in life, he has also taught me never to be afraid from anything. One word will be less in your praise, you are my father you mean the world to me, and yes I can proudly say Papaa I feel like I have everything in my life all thanks to you, and to add on I am so blessed to have my father in law in my life too who makes me feel really lucky. I really feel blessed to have two men as fathers in my life and they mean the world to me.”

Gopi Bhalla who plays the role of Lovely Singh Dhingra in SAB TV’s Dr. Bhanumati on Duty-“My father has taught me never to lie and be always a good person in life.”

Dev Joshi who plays the role of Baal Veer in SAB TV’s Baal Veer –“My father is not just my father but he is my best friend. My father is also my role model. He always helps me in any problems of life. He has seen this world from its worst to bes t. He always helps me to balance my studies as well as my shoots. I think he is all-rounder and so I want to become a good person like my father. He is my Superhero.”

Mugdha Chaphekar who plays the role of Anisha in SAB TV’s Saheb Biwi Aur Boss- “They say a father is a daughter’s first love. He is a hero and a father-daughter bond cannot be described in words. My father has always treated me like a princess and is my best friend.”s

Vipul Roy who plays the role of Sunny in SAB TV’s Saheb Biwi aur Boss – “My dad is my partner in crime! His strength and wisdom is what makes him different. If I share only one incident it won’t be justified. The way he handled all the emergency and crisis situations is a thing to be inspired off.”

Sudeepa Singh who plays the role of Rani Pari in SAB TV’s Baal Veer –My father was a very hard working man. I had grown up seeing his hardwork, he was suffering from cancer still he never lost hope and continued working hard towards it and fought it and that changed my life to never lose hope in life and fight the battles of life with strength and determination. I lost my dad few years back but whenever I lose hope and feel low, I remember him and work harder and I want to be the best human being and work hard to make him proud. I know he is watching me from there. My father is my hero

Paresh Ganatra who plays the role of Ghotak in SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar- I have not seen a person who is happy and contend even when he was earning 100rs and was earning 20000rs. He was same happy and jovial. I have learnt one thing from him is that happiness is in your hand if you want to be happy money does not matter.