Anil Attavar
Sector 4, Dwarka
The cricket fever has set in; the stakes are pretty high, 
All the teams are well prepared – they’ve come to do or die.
The games are followed all over – in villages and towns, 
We watch the fortunes of our team – with all its ups and downs. 
We have time for little else; to the TV we are glued, 
At times we are in high spirits, at times in sombre mood. 
Every match is keenly watched – by fans with bated breath, 
To us it’s nothing less than – a matter of life and death. 
Every game is closely viewed, with passions on the boil, 
As fans of each cricket team – watch their team toil. 
Amidst all the excitement, the bustle and the din, 
Let’s enjoy all the cricket – may the best team win. 
We wish the Indian team – may it win the Cup, 
May we raise a toast to them – and say “Bottoms Up”. 
We are the best team, the world’s best side, 
In our team we do take, a lot of joy and pride. 
This ain’t the only thing – about which we can boast, 
Let’s show the world that we also are – the world’s best host. 
The fans have come from far off lands – from many a far off place, 
Let’s make them feel at home, with lots of love and grace.