Pappu – What is the use of voting? I will not vote. After all, all are ch*r.
Sayaana – Do you know that (ch*r) politician gives importance to you and your area in proporsanate to the number of votes polled? If u or somebody else will have to go to him with some problem of the area, he will first see the record to know the number of votes polled and then will accord importance to u accordingly.
Pappu – Aachcha, Yeh baat Hai, To Main To Vote Jarur Hi doonga, Chaahe Mujhe kuch bhi kaam kyo naa chodana pade. Yaar, Tune to Meri Aankhen Khol Dee.
(Contributed by M K Gupta)
(Names are imaginary)

If You Wish To Have Peace, Prosperity & Good Governance,
Please Spend Sometime Otherwise Your Turn Will Be In Queue For Next Five Years.
Let’s Show to our kids that we were responsible citizens
Give Example By Act Not By Words.
100% Voting Will Give Guarantee Of 100 % Good Governance.
Please Come Forward & VOTE on 29 November, 2008.


Vote 100%
I will Vote
We will Vote
Let us Vote
Dwarka to Vote 100%

Reach your polling booth early with your Photo identity card / Ration card / Passport / PAN Card or Licence and cast your Vote freely. This is our right, our duty. Vote is valuable.
Dwarka Forum (an online, registered Forum) has aimed 100% votes. Let us co-operate by casting 100% votes from our society pocket.