Awakened Citizen Programme conducted at NKBPS, Dwarka

 “Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man”   

The Awakened Citizen Program is a three year graded value education program for students in middle school and high school. The ACP programme is a unique value education programme for children which aims to manifest moral values in each and every citizen of the country. An interactive and informative session was conducted on 24th September 2019 under the programme ‘Awakened Citizen Programme’ for the students of class 6th ,7th and 8th..

The infinite strength and potential inherent in the world within every child can be manifested as wonderful possibilities in every walk of life. With such thought’s students will not only do well for themselves but will also have the larger interest for the society.

The School is running this program since 4 to 5 yrs. This prog has 16 modules such as. Being heroic, sharraddha, expanding myself to name a few. All the three years program have been shown and thoroughly discussed. Classes 6th and 7th discussed the module of being heroic. Class 8th discussed about the class room situations. Students participated and interacted in full fledged manner.  They shared their thoughts and understood the meaning of universal possibilities. Observers were very glad to see their responses.Principal Maam, observers and teachers  interacted with the students to make the topics  more clear.  Observers were  glad to see the students response and appreciated a lot.

It was a wonderful session where the students correlated their real life situation. This wonderful interactive session helped students to learn the universal  possibilities in life, which would help them to face challenges in  life with positive attitude and confidence.