Beauty is the divine language in forms…

Spiritual Name: Power of BeautyQuote: “Beauty acquires its power only when it is surrendered to the Divine.”
Botanical Name: Narcissus
Common Name: Daffodil
Description: These are fragrant yellow-shaded trumpet shaped flowers which are borne on bulbous plants.

Spiritual Name: Abundance of beautyQuote: “A beauty that blossoms freely and abundantly.”
Botanical Name: Rhododendron
Common Name: Azalea, Rhododendron
Description: On large shrubs or small trees, these delicate flowers bloom in abundance. They are found in a variety of colours.

Spiritual Name: Aristocracy of beautyQuote: “So perfectly formed that it compels admiration.”
Botanical Name: Iris or Dietes iridiodes
Common Name: Africian Iris or Flag and Iris
Description: There are two flowers with the same spiritual significance. a. Iris has large flowers found in several colours. And is a bulbous plant.b. African Iris are waxy white iris like flowers with petals marked golden orange. And it is a rhizomatous plant.

 Spiritual Name: Pride of beautyQuote: “Likes to show itself and be admired.”
Botanical Name: Hyacinthus orientalis
Common Name: Hyacinth
Description: They are fragrant bell-shaped flowers found in several colours and are borne on bulbous plants.

Spiritual Name: Modesty of beautyQuote: “It blossoms without attracting attention.”
Botanical Name: Gypsophila elegans
Common Name: Baby’s breath
Description: A seasonal plant with graceful airy sprays of delicate tiny white flowers.

A prayer from the Mother’s Prayers and Meditations
In the world of forms a violation of Beauty is as great a fault as a violation of Truth in the world of ideas. For Beauty is the worship Nature offers to the supreme Master of the universe; Beauty is the divine language in forms. And a consciousness of the Divine which is not translated externally by an understanding and expression of Beauty would be an incomplete consciousness.

But true Beauty is as difficult to discover, to understand and above all to live as any other expression of the Divine; this discovery and expression exacts as much impersonality and renunciation of egoism as that of Truth or Bliss. Pure Beauty is universal and one must be universal to see and recognise it.

O Lord of Beauty, how many faults I have committed against Thee, how many do I still commit. . . . Give me the perfect understanding of Thy Law so that I may not again fail to keep it. Love would be incomplete without Thee, Thou art one of its most perfect ornaments, Thou art one of its most harmonious smiles. At times I have misunderstood Thy role, but in the depths of my heart I have always loved Thee; and the most arbitrary and radical doctrines could not extinguish the fire of worship which, from my childhood, I had vowed to Thee.

Thou art not at all what a vain people think Thee to be, Thou art not at all attached exclusively to this or that form of life: it is possible to awaken Thee and make Thee shine in every form; but for that one must have discovered
Thy secret. . . .
O Lord of Beauty, give me the perfect understanding of Thy Law, so that I may no longer fail to keep it, so that Thou mayst become in me the harmonious consummation of the Lord of Love.

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