Tips to avoid – Robbery, Theft – Burglary, Snatching

After so many incidents of theft, chain/ purse snatching etc. taking these days. Some measures which we should follow in case of dealing with robbery, theft, burglary, purse-snatching etc.

General Tips in cases of:

1. Robbery
-Dial `100` or contact your local police station if you notice something suspicious
-Avoid keeping large sums of money or valuables at your place of work
-Do not carry large amounts of money with you. If this is unavoidable, do not carry the money all at once
-Carry out your transactions discreetly
-Activate any alarm silently. Your movements should be calm and composed
-If gunshots are fired, drop to the floor and seek cover. Your life is the most valuable thing you should protect during a robbery
-Try to accurately recall the assailants` features
-Report the incident to the Police

2. Theft – Burglary
-Use the door spy-hole and always fasten the safety chain
-Make sure your doors and windows are well secured
-If possible, install security locks on the front door of your residence, a reinforced metal rod around the door frame and metal pins on sliding doors
-Do not leave notes stating when you will return or how long you will be absent
-Make sure your house or apartment does not appear completely shut up, which may indicate you are away for some time
-If possible, install an automatic lighting switch and alarm system
-Inform relatives, friends or neighbours about your absence, or if there are particularly serious reasons, contact your local police station
-Do not leave large amounts of money or valuables at home
-Report any incident to the Police

3. Purse or handbag snatching
-Do not carry large amounts of money with you
-Walk on the inner side of the pavement and in an opposite direction to oncoming traffic; always keep your handbag closed and facing the inner side of the sidewalk
-Do not hesitate to call for assistance if someone attacks you in an attempt to steal your handbag or purse. Protect your handbag and wallet in crowed areas
-When seated at outdoor eateries, restaurants, coffee shops, park benches etc., do not leave your handbag on the seat next to you
-Do not bring valuables or large amounts of money with you to the beach
-When in your car, be observant of the movements of motorcyclists next to or behind your vehicle, and do not put your handbag in an obvious location inside the vehicle or on the passenger`s seat. Place it below the passenger`s seat
-Lock your vehicle`s doors while driving
-If you cannot resist the assailant and hold onto your handbag, remember that your health and physical integrity are more valuable than anything else
-Try to remember the assailant`s features and the means of getaway used, if applicable
-Report the incident to the Police

Following these small measures can prevent incidents saving both our life & our hard earn money.

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