Bhagidari in Dwarka!! ??

Vijay K . Saluja
Convenor, `Social Outreach Programme` Committee

IIT Delhi Alumni Association

Living in Dwarka has become both an arduous & challenging task for some of the residents!?
Some may ask why?
These queries can be from persons living in Dwarka &/or from those who are not living in Dwarka. Query from outsiders is somewhat understandable? But, for persons who are living in Dwarka & raise this query, my personal view about them is either they are super-humans or they are not bothered at all, by these mundane things like chaos/garbage in the main markets-Sectors6,/10 & sectors4/12, garbage along the roads, markets, parks etc etc & overflowing dalaos/bins-some of these strategically located on main roads, too , accidents, chain-snatching etc etc.

While planning the sub-city, the concerned authorities must have in their mind, the idea of keeping the residents awareness programme about the stray cows, bulls, stray dogs & pigs in mind as an added [invisible] bonus to the Dwarka-residents. This is a very `successful` initiative of Bhagidari- of urban with rural. Any time of the day & night, no resident/users of these roads will be discriminated against! Everyone, at all hours, will have the benefit of watching some of the open plots meant for parks, being swallowed by filth & garbage & animals/dogs & rag-pickers, making a bee-line for those spots, to dispose off the accumulated waste, in the manner, they like?

Foreign tourists who regularly are brought in by tour-operators, to savour the sights of Delhi, will get the fringe benefits of visiting Dwarka & neighbouring areas & taking snaps/video shots of solid waste management system [non-conventional way], being innovatively practised [at low cost] in our Capital-the host of Commonwealth Games-2010. Dwarka & many other colonies can provide prize-winning snaps?!

Perhaps, that is why our Environment minister recently remarked at one of the event, that `India can win Nobel prize for dirt & filth & in having the distinction of dirtiest cities in the world`!

Day is not very far off when Dwarka will achieve the distinction of giving enough material to some researchers for preparing `Case Study-Solid Waste Management, Bhagidari Way- Animals & Humans`, which can then be presented by them, in a Session, in a prestigious Conference on `Sustainable Development`, in one of the capitals of Europe. I have a lurking hope, it could be adjudged the Best Paper & thus get the Prize, too?!

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Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Info Services