Blood donation camp by Akhil Bhartiya Kayastha Mahasabha, Dwarka

Today, on the occasion of Gandhi & Shastri Jayanti and a tribute to Late Sh. Mohan Chand Sharma, Inspector, Delhi Police & for the victims of serial bomb blast in Delhi, a Blood donation camp was organsied by Akhil Bhartiya Kayastha Mahasabha, Dwarka wing at Vandana International School, Sector-10, New Delhi.
The programme was organized by Ms.Sapna and Mr.Vishal Sinha, Treasurer and General Secretary of Kayashta Samaj. The programme was conducted by Mrs.Varsha Chandra. Children of the Vandana International School started the programme with the favorite Bhajan of Gandhiji ” vaishino jan tho te ne khiyeye jai“. Chandra, a 9th Class student gave an enlighting speech on the life of Shastriji and reminded us with shastriji’s “jai jawan and jai kisan” slogan. It was good that younger generation gets inspired with the deeds of older generation. He also gave us the beautiful poem of late Sh. Mohan Chandra Sharma, which threw light on the heroic deeds of late Sh. Sharma, who had a heroic death and saved the life of thousands of Indians.
The function was presided by Sh. O.P. Tandon, Chairman, Kamal and Vandana Group of Schools and Sh. Suresh Shrivastava, national co-convener of BJP. The Blood donation camp was inaugurated by Sh. Tandon and Mr. S. S. Dogra, editor, Dwarka Parichay & The Creatives World was the first one to donate blood for such a noble cause. Also present were Sh. Saran, retd. SSP of CBI, Mr. V.P. Tondon, Principal, Vanadana International School, Mr. M.K. Sinha, editor, Dwarka City who also gave light on the life of Kayastha and the life of Gandhi and Shastriji. It was surprising Mr. O.P.Tandon enlightened the esteemed gathering with the history of the work of kayastha community before the Mugal era, which many of the community people were not aware of the history. Sh. A.C. Bhatnagar, Vice President Akhil Bhartiya Kayastha Mahasabha, National extended the vote of thanks to the people. There were also present other members from the community Mr. Mahendra Saxena, Brijesh Sinha, Atul Mathur, Mr. S.P. Sinha. Mr. G.C. Saxena( Diwakar), noted writer wrote a beautiful poem on Shastriji.
Mr. Paliwal, brother-in-law of late Sh. Mohan Chandra Sharma, attended the function and threw light on the life and heroic deeds of late Sh. Sharma who was brave and daring since his childhood and by donating blood he paid his tribute to his brother-in-law.
The camp was assisted by the team of Dr. Anshu Anjum from Blood Bank Organisation, Pusa Road, New Delhi. Dwarka requires more of such camps and made people aware that donating blood would do no harm to them and it is really a noble cause. Kayastha Samaj took the first and opened the doors for the Dwarka people.