Location of the Greatest Treasure of the Universe

Our Divinity is the greatest treasure of the Universe. We are one with God. God is in us and we are a part of Him. The entire fabric of creation and existence is Divinity. To know and experience this and relish the love of God is mind blowing. When we experience the love of God and drown in His love, we become Love. God is Love. Knowing that we are God and His Light burns within us is a marvelous experience. It also brings about the realization that all existence is the Light of God and we are enabled to see the Divine Play of the Cosmos and enjoy it.

From the very time of our birth, we seek fulfillment of desire. Initially they are basic desires of food, clothes and shelter. As we grow older, we have other desires – toys, friends to play with, variety in food and clothes and education. As time passes, the desires only increase by the day and we spend our entire lives, effort and time in chasing and fulfilling them. We seek more power, sex, wealth, popularity and control over others. We fulfill our desire by raping the earth, exploiting the workers, cheating the consumers and making false promises and proclamations in the political stage. We get results but are happy only for a short period of time. Then there is a yearning for something more, something which is lacking in our lives. We do not know what it is and keep seeking for it by acquiring more wealth, power and control. Then comes a time when nothing satisfies us and we seek peace. That is the time when a Guru appears in our lives and guides us to go within to seek the Light, Peace and Eternal Bliss. There is a little ancient story which tells us how the greatest treasure of the Universe came to be hidden inside us:

Long ago, there was a time when all men were Gods. With the passage of time, they abused their divinity and created chaos and confusion in the Universe. Lord Brahma, the creator, decided to take away the divinity of men and hide it away from them in such a place where it could never be found. Lord Brahma called a council of Gods to help him decide where to hide the divinity of men. Someone suggested that it be buried in the earth. Lord Brahma objected to it as humans would dig the earth and locate it. Another God suggested sinking the divinity of men in the deepest ocean. There were loud voices of protest as men were sure to learn swimming and diving and find it. Someone else suggested taking it to the highest peak in the world and burying it there. Lord Brahma was sure men liked challenges and would climb every mountain and locate their divinity. Finally, they ran out of ideas. It seemed that there were no places where men would not reach eventually.

Lord Brahma thought for a long time and came up with an idea: Let us hide the divinity deep in the center of being of mankind. Humans rarely look into themselves!

Everyone agreed that it was the perfect hiding place. And divinity was hidden deep within mankind. From that time onward, men have been going up and down the earth, digging, climbing, diving and exploring. They are in search of the greatest treasure of Universe which is already within themselves.

The musk deer sniffs at the fragrance in the air and searches for the source everywhere. It never finds the source as the fragrance is within its body. Love, peace and bliss are the fragrances of the soul which is the divinity within us. We get the fragrance of the divinity within us at times and we keep searching for it outside. Doing the SitaRam mantra, meditation and following the teachings of the Guru help us go within us and locate the blazing light and then become one with it. We then find the location of the greatest treasure of the Universe.

( As told by Omdasji Maharaj to his disciples)