Book Veda of the Body Published by AuroPublications

‘….the body is a marvellous instrument evolved through aeons of preparations and challenges. Each stage of evolution is imprinted within it; our very cells retain in some mysterious way the memory of past evolutionary efforts that is transmitted to us from our ancestors. The primordial sea and the blazing sun as it first shone itself upon earth billions of years ago still lurk in some corner of our collective experience of life. The earliest winds beat their wings still to climb the vast expanse of ether we always carry within us. And through these the whole universe connects with us and speaks to us.’

The body is a mystery workshop, the full secret of which is yet to be understood. At once a remarkable instrument, an impressive cloak, an interesting laboratory, a work of art and a work of science, the human body defies a simple understanding. In fact we hardly ever notice it except when it fails to function ‘normally’.

However, there is greater confidential information that the body hides, a deeper truth that one day man will learn, and on learning it he will grow wiser and humbler. The truths of the earth out of which it has sprung up and is presently constituted and the truth of what lies beyond the sensory apparatus are both concealed within this mysterious vault we know as our body.

Veda of the Body is an attempt at unravelling some of its secrets—some known and some not too widely known. These secrets help us not only in understanding the body better but also by applying it in our everyday life they open new doors to Health and Healing as well as the future possibilities of the human body.