Self allotment of flats – views of Dwarka Forum

Dwarka Forum
expresses its opinion that the members of CGHS self conducted draw must taken on Humanitarian grounds.

The CGHS Members were compelled to take such “REVOLT OF MASSES” as the administration failed to deliver rightful flat No assigned. The draw procedure as per DCS Rule required presence of RCS and DDA official to ensure free and fair conduct? If the RCS/ DDA not turning up after repeated request of MC and Supreme Body of CGHS (ie. General Body) then the members conduct a draw and there is no complaint among those members where is the problem? We agree there is legal provision given in the DCS Rule and its violations are not to be encouraged at the same time the Democratic Process adopted by COOPERATIVE Members must be respected.

We would appeal to the RCS/ DDA and Delhi Govt call the representative of the CGHS and find amicable legal long term solution as well as regularise the draws conducted.