Actor Ravi Kishan matches step with actress Poonam Chopra

Nilofer Ansari 

Bollywood movies are enormously popular for its songs. Though the subtle rage over songs and their videos is more recent, the concept has been a part of Bollywood since decades. But, over the years this genre of musical performance under went sea change and its popularity increased multi-fold as songs became more and more provocative. Recently Actor Ravi Kishan who is well known for his versatile acting as he is doing nearly a dozen of Hindi films. This includes the movie “Ranbanka” which also has Manish Paul in the film. Recently a song was shot where a beautiful actress Poonam Chopra will be seen dancing and grooving alongside Ravi where she will be seen seducing everyone by her curvaceous figure.
Ravi Kishan was seen enjoying working with Poonam Chopra as he was performing with a talented and professional actress. The song is a hardcore dance number, requiring high energy and at the same time, it is very stylish and sexy and Poonam and Ravi has does justice to the song”.

Poonam and Ravi have put their steamy and sexy chemistry in the song. Poonam looked passionate as the duo is turning the heat on. She look glamorous figure in her patterned number and doles out thumkas and happily heaves her glow in the dark bosom as her co-actor Ravi Kishan looked on with lecherous delight.