The Campaign has begun for flood hit people

1) Maharashtra Mitra Mandal, Dwarka, collected few bags of clothes, footwears, edible etc.
2) MCPS is still collecting ration(rice, pulses, chiwra, milkpowder), clothes, footwears, biscuits, packed eatables, milk powder, medicines, water purifying tablets, and other useful household items etc.besides money
3) Kailash Mansarover Sewa Samiti(Regd.) donated Rs.1,000/- vide Cheque No.”167846″ favouring “Society for Creatives” dt.10-09-200810 large plastic sheets for shelter and will donate few bags of useful medicines soon.
4) Dr. Mandeep Bhatti & her colleagues of ICRI, donated hundreds of bags full of clothes, biscuits, chana, footwears, medicines, etc.
5) Mrs. Mala Govil of Vasant Vihar also donated medicines, clothes shoes etc.
other associates like Blind Persons Association, DCBA, URIVI, Karan Sharma Social Welfare Society, Dwarka Forum etc. are also ready to support this noble cause.
Media support: Hindustan Times, Times of India,, & The Creatives World-Newspaper.

Don’t you want to be a part of what the flood hit people require for their survival. If yes, please send your valuable contribution willingly at the address given below:
Dear Friends,
This is an URGENT APPEAL from us to join campaign & provide support to the victims of this unexpected disaster. You may also help out by giving the material:
Tents, ropes, mats, ration(rice, pulses, chiwra) packed eatables, milk powder, medicines, water purifying tablets, clothes and other useful household items etc.As far as Financial support is concerned you may please send D.D. Favouring “SOCIETY FOR CREATIVES” (Regd.) and send it to the following address or directly deposit your contribution to (our account details is):SOCIETY FOR CREATIVES (Regd.) SB A/C No- 303001000000101Bank of Baroda, Pkt.6, Sector-12, Dwarka, New Delhi-75.
All the individuals, organization, institutions, societies, markets etc. are invited to co-operate us just for the sake of humanity. You may drop your valuable contribution at the following address:
Kshitij Associates,G-7, Plot No.8, Anshul Plaza, Sector-10 Market, Near Shubham Jewellers & Link Properties Opp.D.D.A.Sports Complex, Dwarka.N.D.75