CHINH INDIA MEDIA CAMP at The Indian Heights School

A one day media camp of CHINH INDIA was hosted by The Indian Heights School, sector 23, Dwarka. The camp was conducted by the CHINH INDIA founders Ms. Meenakshi Rai & Mr. Vinay Rai. The main objective of the camp was to interact with the students and get their perspective and relate it with the present day scenario.

The camp was conducted in four phases. The participants were shown an animated movie of 54 seconds. Then they were divided into groups and were asked to do voice-overs for the characters. The movie was then put together and viewed for critical analysis. Four movies from this year’s entries were viewed by the participants. Later they were required to share their views and critically analyze the movies.

The media camp was an interactive session where the participants were given hands on experience at movie making. It encouraged them to be introspective and view the topics objectively and from a critical perspective. They learnt an important lesson that a jury’s job is the toughest. The participants were made to realize that their views and ideas mattered as they were involved in all the aspects of making and critically appreciating a movie. They understood that art imitates life and life imitates art, as all the movies mirrored the society we live in and identify with. The camp was a roaring success.

The principal, Ms. Archana Narain thanked the organizers for selecting The Indian Heights School to conduct the camp in and providing the amazing learning experience to the students.