Clarification of DDA regarding CWG 2010

Neemo Dhar
Commissioner (PR)/ DDA

It has been reported in certain sections of media that the management of Common Wealth Games Village has been transferred from DDA to Delhi Govt. In this connection, we would like to clarify that DDA is not managing the Common Wealth Games Village during the games. After having the flats constructed, same were handed over by DDA to ITDCITDC to Organizing Committee for management during the period of games. As OC was having certain problems in maintenance, DDA was assisting Organizing Committee. Besides DDA, officers appointed by Cabinet Sectt., Govt. of india, MCD and Lt. Governor’s Sectt. had also been assisting the Organizing Committee in the management of the village. Since yesterday i.e. 22-9-10, Delhi Govt. has also come forward to help Organizing Committee by contributing services of 11 Danic officers in making the games a success. Therefore, there is no question of handing/taking over as the management of the village is with the Organizing Committee only.