Colors “Uttaran” Completed 900 episodes

Abhishek Dubey

Colors’ top-rated show “Uttaran” is gearing up to set a benchmark by completing 900 hundred episodes this Thursday. When Uttaran hit the small screen it was lapped up by the audience for its fresh content. Daily Soap produced by Pintoo Guha that has earned a cult status in the realm of Hindi television.

After completing 900 episodes the star cast of “Uttaran” celebrated this occasion by cutting cake. Excited Tina Datta who plays the role of Ichcha said, “I am very happy that the show has reached this milestone. I feel myself very luckiest person in Indian television industry who had completed her 1st serial to 900 episodes”.

Sonika-Handa, Gaurav S.Bajaj,Vikas-Bhalla, Pintoo Guha, Pragati Mehra, Sameer & Tina Dutta Celebrating Completion of 900-Episod of Uttaran
Even today “Uttaran” remains one of the most watched soaps on Indian television. This Thursday the show had completed its 9 hundred episodes, a rare feat for any programme on the small screen.

According to the producer Pintoo Guha, The show worked so well is the fact that everyone works together as a team to better every scene Completing 900 episodes is a rare feat indeed and I wish the team of “Uttaran” hearty congratulations for supporting us for so long.