Confluence of Linguistic Cultures

“Calcutta se chuta jahaj, oh pavariya dhire chalo!Calcutta se chutajahaj, oh pavariya dhire chalo!”

Melodious tunes, thunderous applaud and an instant connect was apparent as Dr. Sarita Boodoo conducted the workshop on ‘Popularizing Bhojpuri Language’ and ‘Building Self Esteem’ on October 11, 2013 at Sri Venkateshwar International School.
This remarkable lady is the Advisor for Bhojpuri Language Dept at the Ministry of Arts and Culture in Mauritius and is the wife of the former Deputy Prime Minister of Mauritius; yet, she has made her own mark on the history of her birth land and in the department of languages. Dr. Saritha Boodoo has a linguistic and altruist personality and is currently working to promote the Bhojpuri Belt of India.She has also been conferred with many awards for the same.
An extrovert who easily broke the ice and interacted with the students with tales of courage and folklore of Mauritius, with a Bhojpuri touch, she dedicated her book, “Kanya Dan” to the school library. As her talks progressed, she came back to the “I”, teaching students that only they are responsible for themselves, their environment, country and habits…but the session didn’t end there.

Dr. Saritha Boodoo went on to show the students that Mauritians are no less than Indians when it comes to enjoying by playing a singing game, which had the whole lab on its feet singing along. Back and forth, songs from various languages were sung, with Dr. Boodoo reciting folksongs of Mauritius and the students, the older grooves. The game ended with both sides having learnt a little more about the other’s culture and heritage.

As Nelson Mandela said, “If you talk to a man in a language he knows, it goes to his head. But if you talk to him, in his language…it goes to his heart.” And songs seemed to be that special language that touched the hearts of the students and of Dr. Boodoo, integrating the two countries across the language that is sung.

The School Principal Ms Nita Arora strongly advocates the assimilation of global cultures keeping in mind the blend of traditions with modernity and this was just another interaction where the students could reach their roots and feel proud.

The Multilingual forum had the presence of all language teachers who strongly connected with the ideology of going back to the roots to express better. The students cherished the experience, feeling proud of their culture and a connect with the Apravasi Bhartiyas, the Mauritians.