Pooja Banerjee aka Rudrani from ‘Ghar Aja Perdesi’ on Sahara One

Prembabu Sharma

Rudrani a.k.a RU a 21 year old, beautiful, young, vivacious girl who believes in living her life to the fullest. A girl who belongs to today’s generation and finds happiness in small-small moments around her and with
her father. She has been brought up by her Father and she is very close to him. They share a wonderful relationship so much so that she can do anything to make him happy. She wants to get to the root of her father’s problem.

On her personal front, she is fond of music and is associated with a music band. She is soft and sensitive at heart. She has been raised in a modern and advanced culture where on one hand her basics are strong and on the other hand she has liberal thinking.In our story, Rudrani’s character has been layered by different emotions and situations which affect her life. One layer being of a modern confident girl and the second layer is of a loving and caring daughter and her emotional side. She then strongly decides to take a difficult decision, a decision which has a lot of risk in it but as Rudrani is a very strong person, she follows her instinct & she decides to go to Benaras to find out what is disturbing her beloved father. And she takes all the risk only because of the love she has for her father.

After reaching Benaras, destiny and circumstances around her makes her end up being in front of BSM and family. Unaware of the truth and the real relationship between them, Rudrani becomes a part of BSM family. Rudrani and BSM, 2 different people with 2 different cultures, thinking, and generations come face to face time and again. And then these two cultures, these two generations will collide by some or the other way and similarly, Rudrani always comes in between BSM’s decisions. Rudrani understands the difference in cultures and comes out as a girl with strong, positive attitude and a very grounded girl.

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