Congratulations to new RWA-CGHS management in Dwarka

Congratulations to newly elected RWA – DDA sector-9, Pocket-2, Dwarka
S.B.SHARMA (Vice-President)
Dharambir Singh (General Secretary)
Bhoop Singh ( Treasurer)
Saravjeet Singh ( Secretary)

Executive Members: Asha Bhatnagar, Dr. D.S.Chauhan, Mahesh Sharma, M.K.Basu, N.C.Lohani, O.P.Ahlawat, Dr. P.L. Das, Rajiv Ratan, T.S.Negi & Vinod Kumar

Main motto of the newly elected RWA is Peace and Development of the pocket and also to keep the pocket and surrounding neat, clean and green.

To keep surroundings clean and green, newly RWA on the occasion of “Deepawali” initiated a campaign on 02.11.2013, at 8.00 AM, i.e. cleaning program of the pocket “SAFAI ABHIYAN” and all residents rendered “Shram Dan” to make surroundings hygienic. Mr. Parveen Rana, Local MCD Councillor and MCD staff also participated. On 10.11.2013 RWA also oragnized Health Mela in the pocket.