COZY COT SPECIAL SCHOOL Dwarka, organized a INTEGRATED PEACE MARCH on 17th April, Sunday. Mr. Vijay Pandit inaugurated the March from Sector 6, Dwarka. Lots of SPECIAL children from Cozy Cot Special School and Normal Children from Happy Child Public School March together  with Slogans on Disability. Inspite of heavy rain, children did not stop their March. They were singing “WE SHALL OVER COME ONE DAY”,    and were walking holding the hands of each other.  The objective behind this March was to spread Awareness amongst people about the Special Community, to Introduce people with Autism and other disabilities, to make them understand that they are not paying attention to one part of their society where hundreds of children are suffering because of less knowledge and no opportunity.

Disability itself shows Ability in its name.. how can we ignore these children. Even if these children coming to special schools, training centers and Therapeutic Centers, we find no support from the other part of the society. A big question is where these children will be placed in future, who will offer them their first salary and who will teach them that “We are Indians, We are ONE”. Thousands and thousands of people  can skip their offices to watch the World Cup , hundreds of schools reach to Janter Manter to support Respected Anna Hazari, but no one can hold the hands of these children to show them the path of life. We as a Special Staff, receive bundle of appreciations that we are doing a wonderful job, that God has blessed us with this opportunity, but very less people really want to involve in this wonderful job and to get blessed with this thankless action.  We request you to understand the problem, where 5 children out of 200 are Autistic. It is an alarm to us, why we are waiting for a Special Child in our family?

According to Dr. Nidhi Sharma, Director of the school, the trust and faith that the parents bestowed during these types of efforts and initiatives has taken us a long way and has given us the confidence to make giant leaps in a very short period. One of the parents commented “I have been to many schools in the city. While most of the schools believe in in-house activities and therapy and to step out with fearing management of the children, this school has set an example by taking the children out for all the competitions i.e. fancy dress, dance, poem recitation, sports etc. Children also participated in Annual Dance Competition, where they won the First prize and painting competitions organized by various organizations”. We appreciate the tremendous efforts made by the children and parents in this Joint March in order to mainstream our special children into the society. These kinds of efforts and support from the parents / society can help us in a focused rehabilitation of these children.

KATHAN,  is another project by Cozy Cot Special School, where they are teaching Slum and Cluster Children free Education and Culturer Training. They are going to Government School in the morning and coming for their extra academic guidance classes in the evening to us. We dream of “ One Roof for all Children whether Special OR Normal”.  Come forward and help us to knock the door of other normal schools to provide facilities and opportunities to these special children.