Tata Motors, India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacture has gone a step ahead in the truck marketing game with successful hosting of its much awaited T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship 2016 Season III last week at India’s globally renowned F1 race track the Buddh International Circuit (BIC) at Greater Noida.

In inspiring future generations to take up truck driving as an inspirational profession and looking to deal with scarcity of young skilled truck drivers in India, T1 truck racing is playing an important role for last three years . Tata has been working with award winning integrated event management company T.I.C. to plan and execute the event last Three events . Headed by Managing Director Gaurav Dhall, T.I.C executed the Prima truck racing maiden edition in 2014 when an audience of over 20,000 attended. T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship 2016 main race day on March 20, 2016 saw more than 50,000 attendees cheer on race day events and races with the theme “India to the World”.

“Besides the truck drivers of international acclaim and foreign nationals, Indian drivers especially trained for the event participated for the first time in the race. The truck racing is a highly popular international sport worldwide. Tata Motors wanted to bring it to India and the major challenge for T.I.C. was to persuade the globally famed truck driving champions and designing the trucks of international standards.” Said Mr Gaurav Dhall of TIC Marketing ,the company which has been conceptualised and organised the Tata motor event .

 “To make these Prima trucks fit for racing, more than 43 key modifications were made to meet a mix of safety and performance needs as per guidelines from British Truck Racing Association. These included significant changes in fuel tank, brake cooling system, propeller shaft guards, racing seats and safety belts, exhaust, steering wheel among others. The trucks have gone through multiple quality checks and also tested on the test circuit at Jamshedpur for high speed run and control.” Mr Dhall added.

 “ Live events like TATA T1 Prima racing championship helps in big way generating brand awareness ,creating sales and lead generations But thanks to technology and ever more informed attendees, live events represent a fast-changing landscape, challenging the creativity of businesses and organisers. TIC on its part used all state of art technologies creatively including Wi-fi, Digital, Social media, camera Drones, Live web cast, smart phones and latest technology fitted Mobile stages for live performances of artists like rap singer Badshah , Bollywood singer Sunidhi Chauhan and host of other renowned artist across the world to create a spectacular event “said Mr Gaurav Dhall.

“The unstoppable rise of social media enables event experiences to be shared instantly. This is driving event management companies like TIC to imagine and create events that are better than ever, using a range of existing and emerging technologies. This is also helping in enhancing the attendee’s event experience. To engage more informed audience during TATA T1 racing including truck drivers, dealers, sponsors and their families across the nation TIC made extensive use of social media marketing and made the event more inspiring. This included online registration, online games, live updates on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as biggest asset of the event was our audience. The response was over whelming with more than 50,000 visitors “said beaming Mr Dhall.

“The other star attractions with use of latest technologies were Two huge stage trucks for live performance fully equipped with Wi-Fi high spec sound and lighting systems, on board generators and all required crew and technical staff. The truck stages used hydraulic with levelling stabilisers and were beautifully carpeted and skirted. Social media walls were created for Selfie lovers to have pix with trucks, drivers and celebrities at the various parts of venue to engage glittery visitors “added Mr Dhall

“Technology has always played a large role pushing the boundaries of what’s possible at events like TATA t1 Prima racing and improving the industry. Today technology plays an even bigger role from event marketing, admission control, operations, health and safety to attendee engagement the list is endless.” Said MR Dhall

“In all, months of hard work has resulted in a marketing strategy that has attracted and guaranteed huge turnout for an audience centric experience to enjoy truck racing at its best. Over the last Three years, the event showcased the best talent in International truck racing, as well as the latest advancements in trucking technologies by Tata Motors.” Said Mr Dhall