Sachdeva Global School Dwarka organised GSP ASSEMBLY

The Science and Environment Club of Sachdeva Global School Dwarka organised the special assembly on ‘Green Schools Programme’ on Thursday 4th August’2016 with an aim to sensitize students to the environment and empower them to use natural resources in a responsible and an efficient manner.

The speech on the “need to adopt Green Schools Programme and the benefits of auditing”, Alarming Environment facts and a beautiful poem recited by the Globalites were very informative and depicted the importance of “learning to live sustainably”. The skit based on Environmental concepts and solutions was appreciated and was successful in spreading the message of CSE green schools programme to work towards change.

Audit teams were announced and the head of the school Ms.Sumana Dutta Sarkar gave the badges to the student of respective teams. The assembly concluded with the song “Heal the world”.