DDA on the job for better sub-city

DDA faces more brick-bats than bouquets. They have more complaints and grievances than solutions. It is sometimes felt that DDA wants to work but there is some helpless-ness which they don’t want to share with the residents of Dwarka – may be official compulsions.

Its time to say thanks for the work done by DDA, Dwarka. The Malba which has been accumulated for years in the bye-lane behind Sunrise Apartments and Pragati Kunj has been removed and cleaned. This cleanliness will not only give a better look of the neighbourhood area but will also help in keeping clean the environment.

Garbage pile up all over Dwarka. Right photo -DDA started removal of  garbage.

DDA will soon put up signage indicating ” MALBA DUMPING IS AN OFFENCE” in the area. DDA has done & it is appreciable. But this is just one point / problem out of 10 mentioned in my letter addressed to DDA. 

Beside DDA it is also responsibility of residents of nearby Apartments and Societies – in particular – to keep vigil on this mischievous act and inform the Police whenever noticed. If the local residents are aware, agile and committed no one will ever try to dump Malba and garbage on this lane. Local residents has a great role in keeping their neighbourhood clean and clear.

Local police station is also requested to kindly upgrade vigil in the area as it is easily accessible by neighbourhood Non-DDA colonies. They are also requested to impound the vehicle moving with intention of dumping Malba.

Arun Banerjee 
Nishkam Apartments,
Sector 1-A, Dwarka