M. K. Gupta

At last, good news for the unsuccessful applicants of DDA Housing Scheme 2008 that DDA has agreed to pay interest for the period of delay in refunding the Registration Money. DDA had retained the registration money of those applicants whom it doubted of submitting multiple applications. The refunds of Rs. One lakh and forty five thousand were sent from April onward this year while the remaining rupees five thousand were refunded much later.

Dy. Director and PIO, Shri D.K. Gupta has in reply to an RTI application informed M K Gupta that out of total applicants initially doubted of submitting multiple applications, approximately 635 applicants were found to have submitted only one application. However, such applicants will have to make formal application for the interest. He has also informed an applicant named Amit that the case of payment of interest of belated period on the Registration Money to him has been forwarded to Accounts Department for sending the same.

According to the clause 10 (iii) of the scheme, DDA has to pay interest @ 5% on the registration money in case the same is not refunded within three months from the closure of the scheme but the DDA has not given this interest on its own.