DEA organised a talk on “Flexible Engineering Material”

Dwarka Engineers Association (DEA) organised a talk on Flexible Engineering Material-Called Textiles on 2nd June, 2018 at IIT Engineers Apartment, Sector 10, Dwarka. After the Introductory Meeting in September 2017 and a big seminar on Solar Dwarka Green Dwarka held in Radisson Blue on February 2018, this was the third workshop in which more than 50 engineers from various disciplines and age groups participated.

Mr. R.K.Jain, President, DEA started the meeting with his opening address. He elaborated the concept and objectives of the Association. He explained that basic objective is knowledge sharing for the benefit of the society at large and creating social integration through Technology. He introduced the speaker, Prof (Dr) Kushal Sen Professor of Textile at IIT Delhi to the audience, who happens to be a resident of IIT Engineers Apartment. Mr. Kothari, Head-Textile Department at IIT Delhi was the guest of honour.

All participants found the talk very interesting and informative too. The talk was followed by interactive session which extended beyond the specified time and continued over tea as well. Still people were of the opinion that interactive session should have been given more time.

Mr I.M. Khanna, Director on the Advisory Board of DEA expressed gratefulness to Mr S.S.Goel and the Management Committee of IIT Apartments for organising the program and providing the venue. Meeting lasted for 2 hours and concluded with a vote of thanks.