“Peace, Love & Unity through Journalism.” Says Sandeep Marwah.


Sandeep Marwah talking about Global Festival of Journalism
He is Founder of AAFT & President- Global Festival of Journalism.
Interview by S.S. Dogra – Mg. Editor, Dwarka Parichay
View his interview @ You Tube link:  https://youtu.be/8qB9M1i2KYs

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Sandeep Marwah talking about AAFT – Film city Noida
He is Founder of AAFT & Film City Noida
Interview by S.S. Dogra – Mg. Editor, Dwarka Parichay

View his interview @ You Tube link:  

Our Managing Editor S.S.Dogra interacted with Sandeep Marwah-Founder of AAFT & President Global Festival of Journalism during 4th Global Festival of Journalists. Mr. Marwah shared his thought about the festival & his Media Academy.


From the campus of Marwah Studio, more than 4500 TV programmes, 125 Feature Films, 5000 training films, 2300 short films, are produced. This is an international record. Almost all the media person knows me well that I am in Noida for the last 25 years & the Founder of Film City here. Besides that I have been imparting Journalism education training programmes amongst students for more than 23 years. All our students are successfully working in reputed TV channels, radio stations, newspaper and even in news agencies. They are successful Photographer because the Photo Journalist is also good option. Here we taught still photography in better way.
Our Students get full 360 degree exposure through Art, Culture, Painting, Sculpture, films, Television, Media etc. We provide National & International platform to students which they cannot even imagine of it. I am happy to share with you that a Journalist from American News agency, having an email list of 1,96,000 world’s Journalists, came here impressed & promised me to convey the message about this Festival of Journalist & about our institute. 
As far as, our academic courses are concerned, we have designed many courses right from 3 months to 3 years courses. 2 years Master Degree, 3 years Under Graduate, 1 year P.G.Diploma Course, 3,6,9 month diploma courses. More 500 students come here to study journalism here every year. Now we are thinking over to expand the availability of seats for the students to take more admission here. On the basis of my personal experiences & my visits to many Media institutes across the world, I am sure & claims that this the World’s best media institute. Here in our institute, we are imparting media education with practical training to make News programme, Practical training, Eng. programmes, Documentary that too without any extra cost. After completing the course, our students get immediate placement & preference by good media houses. Till today, we have trained thousands of students of more than 108 countries. “There is always scope for the improvement.” We try to make our course to develop skill among the students. Our P.M. has taken remarkable initiative of Skill development but I started working in this direction for almost 23 years. My students are not sitting idle they are capable to find good job immediately after completing their course from our Academy.
It’s an interesting story how we initiated to start Global Festival of Journalism, If I recall five years back, I searched out that there is day for everyone like Father’s day, Mother’s day, your day, my day but I could not find any day for Journalists. Millions of Journalists working all over the world that too in risky environment but there was no day for them. So, I realized that there should a day to mark for Journalist profession also. Consequently, we initiated 12th Feb. as the International day for Journalism. We have an organization called International Journalism Centre which is now connected to many Journalists across the world. Now, this concept to celebrate Festival for Journalists is appreciated & recognized by thousands of media organizations worldwide. Earlier there was no festival for Journalism. International day of Journalism. When we celebrate the Festival of Journalist for the first, nobody has clue how it would be and what kind of this festival would be. We organized Festival of Journalism for the first in the world successfully and rest is the history. This is the fourth edition of Festival of Journalism in which 14000 footfalls more 20 Events, —Workshops, Entertainment programme, Seminars, exhibition, programmes are held on the first day itself. Today is the World Radio Day & we celebrated the 6th anniversary celebration for Radio Noida. More than 100 journalists (Print & electronic media) from leading media house took part in this prestigious festival of Journalism. 56 Delegates from 30 countires attended it on day one itself. Ganesh Vidhyarthi Forum founded & No more missing campaign initiated in this festival.
Being in media, it’s proud feeling, representing India and brought 52 international awards from 28 countries. This is my little contribution towards Media, Country and humanity. Presently, I am editing a National toibled, TV Channel, Radio & my 2000 articles published on more than 10,000 websites are just to mention my contribution in the field of Journalism. The journey is still going on and on. At this juncture, I am conveying my gratitude to my fellow journalists friend to spread the message of Peace, Love & Unity through Journalism.
विभाषित कर गगन भूतल तिम्र को ज्योति देता चल
निराशा के अँधेरे को मिटा दे ले प्रवंजल बल
कहीं पूनम अमावस्या कहीं उलझन, कहीं फिसलन,
कहीं काटें, कहीं पहरा, कहीं पहरा कटिल बंधन
यहाँ प्रतिकूल है सब कुछ कही मरुस्थल, कहीं बादल
मगर तू मुस्कुराता चल, दिशाएँ हो उठी उज्जव्वल
मगर तू मुस्कराता चल, दिशाएँ हो उठी उज्जव्वल