Housing societies, hotels, hospitals, malls,  Operations, Construction sites, Industries ,Banquets and other bulk buyers of diesel can now get fuel delivered at their doorstep with one tap on a mobile APP ’Fuel Humsafar’ in the National Capital Region (NCR)

The mobile APP delivery service of ‘Fuel Humsafar’ has been launched in the National capital by Delhi-based Samridhi Highway Solutions a start-up company led and steered by a group of young professionals with deep insight into fuel marketing.

‘Fuel Humsafar’ ensures hassle-free supply of fuel to end-users by avoiding unnecessary fuel spillage, unsafe handling of fuel in containers/barrels and pilferage too. Once the customer places his order, the requirement is forwarded to the bowser nearest to the customer location with customer details for swift delivery.

“The main idea of introducing this service is to help entities like housing societies, industries as well as malls avoid the hassle of transporting large amounts of fuel from the station to the desired destination. This would also cut down the unsafe practices of transporting the fuel and ensure a highly secured mode of transport by Humsafar delivery dispensers itself.” Said Ms Sanya Goel, Director and founder of Fuel Humsafar App

“Once the order is placed through the app, a Humsafar delivery truck that is compliant to the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation standards will bring it to the set destination. The 4000-litre as well as 6000-litre capacity delivery trucks comes with a mobile fuel dispenser for easy transfer of the diesel. In addition, the truck is enabled with geo-sensing technology to keep it locked till it reaches the set location.” Ms Goel said

“The fuel delivery vehicle, which complies with the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation standards, equipped with a mobile fuel dispenser will remain locked till it reaches the location where it has to deliver the fuel, preventing adulteration, pilferage and spillage. “she added “To avail this service, a customer can place an order through a mobile app (Fuel Humsafar) for a minimum order of 100 litres. For orders exceeding 2,500 litres, the customer would need to have a PESO license for storage” said Mr Mayank Aggarwal, co-founder of Humsafar.

“After receiving the order from the customer, the mobile dispenser will reach the destination and the dispensing would commence through automation in the designated location (geo-fenced area). The fuel dispenser is equipped with fire extinguishers and safety cones among others for demarcation of the delivery area. Diesel is delivered at the day’s running price including taxes applicable in the state” said Mr Aggarwal.

 Apart from National capital Samridhi has introduced its diesel @doorstep service Humsafar in NCR including Panipat, Karnal, Gurugram, Manesar Rewari etc also and plans to expand this critical and crucial anywhere and everywhere across India.

Humsafar bowser (DELIVERY VEHICLE)  approved by the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO), a government body. Highly trained staff ensure the fuel is delivered directly from the tanker via the nozzle to the stationed equipment and the billing is automated to ensure transparency. Humsafar saves fuel with no spillage/wastage; saves manpower and saves money.